Keet Leibowitz hails from suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She would be really happy if she could make cute things all the live long day. Fortunately, she kinda gets her wish: once her workday is done and her kiddo's tucked in bed, she draws! she paints! she quilts! she makes dolls! But unfortunately, this pretty much means that she will sleep only when she is dead. Would Keet have it any other way? ... Maybe not. She was known for the relentless toil long before becoming a mom.

Winning the award for Best Supporting Husband is Sam Leibowitz, who often photographs Keet's work way better than Keet would.

Keet can also be found on flickr, and she has an etsy shop, too. More t-shirts are planned, along with 2 children's books.

In case you've seen one of Keet's custom portraits and you're hoping for your own, here's information about how to get your own custom portraits.